Being In Vibration And In Harmony With Your Divine Purpose

Sometimes I just sit and wonder what is the purpose of my life? What is my gift? A lot of the time I am left without a clue. It seems like the more I heal the more I discover about myself. Lately, I've been coming to some eye-opening realizations. For starters, I started a business for the wrong reason. At the time in 2017, I jumped on the entrepreneurial wave without actually cultivating skills, hobbies, or talent. All I saw were dollar signs and that flame blew out quickly, then I was on to the next endeavor.

I started making jewelry out of the blue sky and I truly enjoyed it. It was therapy for me. However, the demand for having to make jewelry for money was different. It was pressure. I was self-taught and I never took time to learn any new skills. I didn't grow a true passion for it. Then I said, "Hey I want to create something that would help people focus more on their internal healing versus depending on tools outside of themselves."

Guess what I did? After an extended hiatus, I took in 2020, I came back in 2021 and created yet another external tool which was the Sensual Flower Bath Salts that I never actually launched. I gave away and used more than I sold. *Inserts facepalm* So I chose to dive into something that I was actually passionate about which was writing. I would say this is my gift. I have a thing for writing. I love writing poems, short stories, journaling, doodling you name it.

This is when Embrace Yo Shit was born, in August 2021. My very first published book, which is actually a journal and focuses more on people getting more in tune with their shadow self "their darkness" bringing it to a positive light. I'm proud of this gift and I want to be able to give it away. I've always said my purpose is so much greater than myself and I truly believe that. My problem is I want the following, the audience, the customers to come overnight and I get a bit discouraged at times. Although, technically I've been at this 5 years.

My next endeavor is Life Coaching completed in December 2021. Now why on Earth did I choose to be a Life Coach when I still need coaching myself lol!? I thought it would be cool to have some sort of training to go with my journal so I could seem like an expert of some sort. Chiiille I tell ya! I will say this, I wrote my journal before taking the courses, and everything that is in my journal was confirmed in each course. I guess I was already an expert. Ssssh don't tell anyone hehehe. Then I became a Notary Public in January 2022. Can we say all over the place?

Oh, let me not forget I'm a new YouTuber. By the way, you can subscribe to my channel here:

*wink* I started my channel in December 2021 while I was recovering from a broken ankle. Whew, right now I just want to get in harmony with whatever it is that I'm supposed to be doing. I don't want to have a business for the sake of saying that I have a business. After all, there are monthly and yearly expenses that come with this.

A lot of this I did because I felt inadequate. I felt like I wasn't doing enough, but you know they say busy doesn't always mean productive and I'm trying to be productive here. It is my vision to start a movement, be an advocate, best-selling author. I just want to make a living doing what I love and I want to love what I do! Is this too much to ask for? Well as long as I still have breath in my body, I won't stop trying to get in vibration and be in harmony with my divine purpose.

That's all folks. Sending you all much peace and love! XO


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