Creative Juices Flowing Again

Yesterday my son and I got out, walked to the park, got some sun, fresh air, and had a bit of fun. That's not what this blog is about tho. I made a YouTube video Saturday evening for my Limited Series of Sensual Saturday Sex Chronicles (check it out). I discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of my sexual experiences and how this all reflected in my adulthood (starting with how I lost my virginity). This is what I like to call getting to the root of trauma so that healing can take place. Honestly, this is the leading cause of my healing journey.

Okay so boom I made a bracelet while I was recording to spice things up, plus you know Path Elleven is A Creative Healing Vibe. We are all about creativity, authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency. Oh my goodness it felt so good to create again. I haven't made any bracelets in a very long time and hunty my creative juices started flowing. So Sunday guess what I did? That's right I made 2 more, for a fresh new set of 3. I used black jasper, multicolor tourmaline semi-precious beads and I added multi-color agate points for a banging finish! Listen, these bracelets are popping if I do say so myself.

Creating has surely missed me lol. This was a reminder that it is just in me to create whether it's for fun or for profit. I won't go on and on today, but I do want you all to check out my latest YouTube to see what I made. Yes, I am flexing my skills a little bit. I've only taken them off to shower and then I put them right back on. So you know this set is cute cute.

Anywho, I'm getting back into the groove of things, so don't you all order at once haha. However, I can confirm our jewelry is making a come byke real soon. I don't think I'll do any made-to-order pieces this go-round. Everything will be premade, it's just a matter of me deciding what style I want to do. Yippie!! That's all I have for today. Remember to be your own secret sauce and spice up your world a bit! You don't have to wait for anyone to validate you. Sending much joy, love, and happiness to all.

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