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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

OMGeeeee we have messed around and learned how to create a blog for the site. Whoop Whoop!!! We couldn't be more thrilled! You know we're going to turn up right!!! Spiritual gangstas check in lol!!!

Path Elleven is definitely taking a new direction. We decided to close shop back in March 2020 due to spiritual maintenance. Never mind the worldly events that took place shortly after.

The thought of what our community truly needed continued to show itself. It's no doubt that majority of our communities lack necessary resources to sustain a quality way of life. Outside of the tangibles, there are so many wounds that we need to heal as a collective and as individuals in our "Urban" communities.

The more I tackled my past trauma, the more I realized there was a whole world of people that were hurting, hiding behind a mask just like I was. We're talking all backgrounds, financial/social statuses, nationalities, ages and genders.

Path Elleven strives to create an open, judgment free vibe of love. We want the hurt, the broken, those that may have suffered from childhood trauma to be able to unapologetically tap into their true authentic higher selves. We want you to know that you are a whole force to be reckoned with!!! We want you to know you are love! There's no good or bad, right or wrong with us.🗣✊🏽🖤

We come from a genuine place of experience, compassion and innerstanding. It's always been bigger than jewelry! We have future plans to get any necessary training and/or certifications needed to further assist your life journey as well.

For now you gone get this blog!!! Join us as we continue to grow. It's going to be a real creative healing vibe.

We have new products coming soon!!! The excitement is real!!! We really appreciate your patience. Well I'll pause here for now. Cus' I can go now 🤷🏽‍♀😂! Take it easy and always be kind to yourself. Peace up!!! ✨

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