Healthy Relationships

One of the greatest lessons on this path has been building healthy relationships, healing broken relationships and letting go of stagnant relationships. This was quite the challenge for me because I allowed my EGO to do the thinking.

With my ego on full go there was a lot of finger pointing, a lot of blaming others and a lot of selfishness displayed. There were grudges being held, regrets lingering and resentment seeping through. There wasn't a sound level of INNERstanding. It was all about ME, ME, ME and how you made me feel.

My oh, oh my am I grateful for growth. Thank you 🙌🏽!!! I had to learn to allow Spirit to flow freely into my life. When I removed the ego, I was able to see any and everything I ever had a problem with was a direct reflection of myself and something that needed to be healed within.

You have to start with the man/woman in the mirror FIRST. This allows you to see things from a different perspective, with a different eye. It also allows you the chance to put yourself in other people's shoes to see how they may feel. You have a renewed sense of compassion and empathy.

Now, please understand everything cannot be repaired. Some things are beyond us. Everything has its beginning and cycle of completion. So it is okay to let go. In fact, it's necessary. However, it's not what you do. It's how you do it.

Let go in peace. Make amends without expectations. Build without limits. I'm not afraid to say I've had to check myself and admit my faults. I'm not afraid to say that I have f**ked up. I'm not afraid to take accountability for my actions and apologize. I had to realize that everything was not all about me.

It was quite the eye opening experience. So I challenge you to face the mirror today. Take a few moments to self reflect and whatever comes up, allow it. Feel it through. Make peace with yourself and/or whomever you may need to make peace with.

Raise your vibrations. That's all I have for today. Peace and healing to you all!


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