Life Happens Even When You Make A Plan

It's been a minute since I've blogged. I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits. Today, as I was rolling around on my rollabout trying to vacuum the floor something dawned on me. We always encourage people to make a plan or set goals. "Make a plan or plan to fail." However, we seldomly mention that even in the midst of those plans that life can happen. There can easily be a shift of events that you may or may not be prepared for.

I too had plans and goals with dates set to confirm it all. Then BOOM, life happened! I broke my ankle and everything totally shifted. When I woke up on November 17th, my thought process was not set on an injury at all. My day started as normal. I woke my son up for school, fixed his lunch, and was about to walk him to the bus stop. I missed a step and then everything changed.

That day I planned to come back home and do my daily routine: clean my face, shower, put on some feel-good vibes, work my home-based business and finish my last Life Coach course. It surely didn't go as planned. My son had to walk himself to the bus stop while I figured out how I was going to get up off the ground. That day I end up in an Emergency Room and was told that I had to have surgery after breaking my ankle in two places.

Was I prepared for that? Not at all. Not mentally. Not financially. Not being able to do for myself sent me down a road of darkness. Being a single woman/mother and not having a shoulder to cry on didn't make it any better. I had a couple of friends that told me to let them know if I needed anything, but my pride wouldn't allow me to ask. I felt even worse that I had to rely on my children and I created stories of them not really wanting to help me.

Then I saw the silver lining. I realized that nothing happens by chance and all things are necessary. I continued to push forward and I completed all my Life Coach courses. I continued to push forward and I still released the Embrace Yo Shit journal. I continued to push forward and started my YouTube channel, which is something that I had been talking about doing for years. I continued to push through the tears, the pain, the helplessness, frustration, and feelings of loneliness.

As drastic as the extenuating circumstances are, I must admit The Universe had other plans. Each day is a challenge as I get back into the groove of things. Nevertheless, I am so thankful and continue to express my gratitude. I figure this was my way of being pulled away from everything and everyone so I could finally focus on myself for once. In this time I have had a few much-needed revelations.

So with all that being said, yes make a plan. Set goals. Just remember that sometimes LIFE happens. Prepare for the best and prepare for the "just in case something happens" too. Always remember that with every negative situation there is something positive on the other side. Sometimes you have to have a little rain before the sunshine. Feel it through and stay focused. Make the best of any situation that life throws your way. Sending much love and peace to all!


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