The Life I Once Knew.....

You know, it's kinda crazy for the longest I've been trying to get back to this place that was once familiar. A place that I once knew. Then it hit me the life I once knew no longer existed. Its put me in this awkward space of the unknown.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm at a standstill or stuck. However, I realized it's not that at all. It's me being in a space of self discovery all over again. Connecting with new hobbies. Building new habits. Finding new creative ways of self expression.

I've also been taking pleasure in the art of doing absolutely nothing at all. Yes the art of relaxing, being still, and enjoying my own company. Taking pleasure in the simple things. Breathing. Stretching. Dancing. Playing.

It feels good this way. I feel more at peace. I feel lighter. The rat race, hustle and bustle, work, work, work life is super draining. It's stressful. It's frustrating. It's overwhelming. One part of me wants to go out and hustle hustle because who actually wants to struggle? I want to secure a "bag" too, but I am the bag so it's best that I secure myself first. Right?

The other parts of me are okay with simplicity. These parts want to leave the country, find a island to live on, start a garden, wake up and walk outside to plant my feet in some grass or sand, eat fresh foods, fresh fruits directly from the tree, do things that make me happy. A life where everyday feels like a vacation and I'm self sufficient AF!

So yeah the life I once knew is no more. There's no longer a need to try to get "back" to the familiar. It's time to accept and embrace the new. It's time to move onward in a new direction. Be more present!! And so it is!!! Remember "not all those who wander are lost."

Peace Out!


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